ERROR- Could not locate automation class named PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator

I just installed PDFCreator 2.00.
When i try to run a script,  I get this error

Could not locate automation class named PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator

which has

Set PDFCreator = Wscript.CreateObject(“PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator”, “PDFCreator_”)

This was working fine with version 1.7.3




like the rest of the PDFCreator the COM interface was completely rewritten , any versions<=1.7.3 aren’t compatible. All details on the changes can be found in the manual. We understand this might cause some work reconfiguring settings and rewriting scripts, but it was neccessary.

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I am tasked with supporting some legacy applications in VB6.  One of these applications uses PDFCreator from pdfForge.  Sadly, the latest version of PDFCreator, which I would like to use does not appear to play well with VB6.  Before PDFCreator 2.0, I had previously got code to work by adding a reference to the project to PDFCreator.exe.  I could then instantiate a PDFCreator object thusly->
 Set pdfjob = New clsPDFCreator
                   or in older parts of the codebase I see…
 Set pdfjob = New PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator
Neither of these work any longer with PDFCreator 2.0, I either get an unknown user defined type or an error 429 at runtime.
They now ship a type library which I can set a reference to, but if I do that, I get “unknown user defined type”.  If I try to reference PDFCreator.exe the VB6 IDE just throws up immediately and says it cannot do it.  In previous versions of PDFCreator they did ship with some COM examples that worked fine, but the new COM example is only in .JS and references PDFCreatorBeta.PDFCreator(which incidentally did not work either)
Has anyone gotten PDFCreator 2.0 to work with VB6 and if so how?  VB6 code example please.

I support the request for arw: some sample code in VB6 and Windows Seven !

I am also having this issue. 

The manual does not seem to address realtime VB style configuration of the pdf output.

I have referenced the PDFCreator, “PDFCreator - Your OpenSource PDF Solution” but using PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator is not possible. Using PDFCreator.PDFCreator seems to be possible, but .cStart(), .cOption(), etc. return object variable errors. This suggests that the list of options for this library doesn’t include .cStart or .cOption.  So what are the real option references?

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@zehnX the names for all methods and objects have changed after version 1.7.3, please have a look at the manual for all the details.

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