Error message saying: "Unexpected error, quitting."


When I tried to get a PDF print  from the PDF creator v1.2.2 of one  page maker file,  I got an error message saying: "Unexpected error, quitting.".
Then when I tried to install PDF creator v1.2.3. I get the following error message:  'Unexpected error, quitting.'
Though PDF creator v1.2.3, finished installing, and  I try to click the pdfcreator icon on the desktop,  it  gives the same error message saying: "Unexpected error, quitting.".

I am running windows XP SP3.
Any remedy?

With regards.




did you reboot your machine between removing v1.2.2 and installing v1.2.3?

Try removing PDFCreator completely, rebooting your machine and then reinstalling it.

If this doesn´t help, please contact us again.