Error message "this document failed to print"

When I want to make a *.pdf of a document, it brings up the 
print window and appears to start to make the file, but then 
an error message "this document failed to print" comes up.  
The trouble shooting tips are not helpful, as there is no 
physical printer to troubleshoot with PDF Creator.

It started this past weekend and I believe (but can not prove) 
it is due to a conflict with a windows automatic update for 
the Windows XP Pro (service pack 3) I am currently running.

Any ideas?  I have already tried uninstalling and 
re-installing the PDF Creator 1.0.2 program that I have 
used for over a year with no problems until now.  I have 
tried updating to the PDF Creator 1.2.1 program.  Still
the same error message.  I have installed the print 
drivers for the physical printer I have at home.  The 
computer prints fine to the physical printer and it 
also "prints / creates" a *.pdf file from the test window 
of the PDF Creator program.  It will not however create 
the *.pdf file from any other document or web-page as 
the program had in the past.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.