Error printing document with Architect 4 - keeps repeating last doc

Hi, this problem just happened now that the computer has been rejoined to our domain and logged in as the same user is trying to save pdf documents. when the Print button is clicked we get Error Printing Document, click OK, pdf is made but it is always the same document that was last made prior to the this problem. already have latest version, uninstalled-reinstalled, and still the same thing. Uninstalled Architect 4 and now prints pdf’s fine with Creator but we have a license for edit which we need to use with Architect. Any ideas would be appreciated. thanks


please check the permissions for the folder C:\Program Files\PDF Architect 4\print and the curprint.pdp file inside it.
In a similar case broken permissions for this file/folder caused the problem.

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sorry about the long wait but I finally got time to work on this user’s computer. After uninstalling, deleting all Architect 4 files and folders; C:\Users\users name\AppData, Program Files and reinstalling the problem is fixed. Thanks for the help Robin.