Ever since I have windows 8 PDF creator does not support Hebrew file names or folder names

Basically, if I want to save a newly “printed” PDF file, if the file name or the folder name is in Hebrew, then after clicking “save”, nothing happens.  This never happened before I had Windows 8 (now 8.1).  No problem on XP and no problem on Windows 7.  I have the latest version of PDF creator.  I also changed the settings for the Hebrew encoding to see if it would help, and it doesn’t.  I work around it by saving a print-to-PDF file with an English name and to my desktop (if the folder I really want has a Hebrew name) and then changing the name and moving the file, but it would be nice if the program could deal with Hebrew file names.  It used to.


please try using the beta of our rewritten PDFCreator: http://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfcreator/1.9.1-beta/PDFCreator-1_9_1-setup-beta.exe?file=AMIfv95scdQsq5ny3kb0OWqDzm59rfz12ggo0MX99kY7okuNoQ4mLdE4z4aWzgGn51LmiGhGuQV5uhre2rlRJhPvwbU05vZfNwNZ7a3ByfDfEZEDhIn-_yDWQmWxwGXAXlQ06tmJKnL4-Jo0b-71WaxSjGWiurXBCB7bpHKGCxaK_hBgsIO1K6c&download

it has impoved support for non latin chars.



Thanks - I started to do the install (and therefore it uninstalled the current version) and then I found that the only languages this beta supports other than English is German.  I’d like to wait until it has Hebrew support, as well.  Let me know, if you can, and then I’ll try the beta and let you know if it solves the problem.