Excel Data into PDF

Dear fellow forum members,
I’m new on this forum, i searched but couldn’t find an answer on my challenge below.
I created an invoice layout with forms in PDF Architect 6.0.
In excel I have my invoice calculation, i want to map the data into my PDF, but i don’t know whether this is possible in PDF Architect. In Adobe you could map the data based on field names in Adobe Form and print the Excel into this PDF.
Is this also possible in PDF Architect and how ? I’m NOT a programmer so i do no not need any VBA’s or Java or whatsoever…
My apologies if this was already raised, i couldn’t find the topic.



I don’t think this is possible with PDF Architect. Does Excel have an option to export the data as .fdf files? If yes, you can import them back into PDF Architect ater exporting them from Excel.

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