Excel ne ferme pas et pas de fichier PDF


Lorsque je veux imprimer (en pdf) un fichier xls, j'ai bien excel (sans aucun fichier) qui se lance puis plus rien. Je dois fermer excel mais mon pdf n'est pas créer

Cela se produit en ligne de commande ou directement avec l'interface de pdfcreator.

Quelqu'un a une idée ?



in some versions Excel uses DDE to handle the "print" commands it receives from other applications, which according to their own documentation is deprecated since Windows XP and should no longer be used; PDFCreator can't handle DDE, but you can still convert your Excel documents by opening them with Excel and printing them to the virtual PDFCreator printer.

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Thanks for your answer.

But i want to script the conversion with no gui so i can't do that.

you say "some versions": do you know versions that are ok with pdfcreator ?


All I can say for sure is it works with Win10 x64 and Excel 2016 (Version 1810) as this is installed on my machine.
Some Excel versions don't even seem to support a /print or /pt parameter at all and Microsoft has stopped documenting these properly (or at all).
From my registry, I can see the current version uses this command to print files from Excel to a specific printer:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE" /q "%1" /j "%2"
q seems to be the file and j the printer
Another possible approach might be to use VBA and the PDFCreator COM object:

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That doesn't work anymore.
I find a solution with libre Office that can convert excel files
Thank you for your answers

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