Excel to PDF, print only "Sheet1" of multiple "Sheets"

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I am building a software robot that uses PDF Architect to merge excel files with other pdf-files, and in this process I only need “Sheet1” of the excel file to be merged. However the default behaviour of PDF Architects seems to take all available sheets from the excel file and merge them in to the new pdf file.

Is there a way to change this from PDF Architect, or am I forced to change my input excel file?

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I am afraid there is no option for this in PDF Architect.
If Excel is installed on the machine the bot will run on, it might be worth looking at the PDFCreator COM interface (http://docs.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/3.0/en/pdfcreator/com-interface/) to achieve your goal. You could then directly use VBA to print sheet-wise and control the entire workflow more closely.

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