Explorer preview gone after deinstallation of PDF Architect

I did a test-installation of PDF Architect a while ago and decided that I don't need it for now. So I uninstalled it. But now the PDF preview of Windows 10 explorer does not work anymore. The preview window stays empty no matter what I do. How do I fix this?

Hi @Tiefdruck,

Did you already try to set another PDF viewer as default application for PDF files?

Here a link from Adobe, which might help:

Best regards

Hello Sascha!

Yes, I tried Foxit Reader which is my preferred PDF-Viewer. Adobe Reader became way too slow and is stuffed with useless features :slight_smile:
It has always been my standard PDF-viewer but I switched to chrome first and then back to Foxit. I even reset the standard-setting completely manually in the registry. Before that the preview was completly blank. After that it was blank still but said "no prefiew available".
So now PDFs are opened by Foxit again. But the Shell Extention does not work which is needed for the preview.
When I installed PDF-Architect I sadly didn't uncheck the installation of the shell extention and from there on the preview was run by the Architect. Now that the Architect is gone, the preview is gone with the wind too :frowning: