Export/Import Hotfolder settings or *.ini file


I have exported/imported the *.ini file for PDF Creator. We are using PDF Creator Terminal Server & HotFolder. I want to ensure everyone uses the same settings, printers, etc that I configured. We got documentation from your group which details how to setup the group policies, etc and then how to export & import the setting from PDF Creator.
Can you plz let us know how to do the export & import for Hot Folder. I should not have to go to each account and do this. I should be able to export what I have and then have them import it. This wayany change I make, I can distribute it to the team and we will be fine. I just want them to be Start/Stop HotFolder and that is it. I will ensure it is configured properly. Plz let me know and thanx in advance,.


I am afraid there is no import/export settings function in the HotFolder GUI, but you could potentially export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\pdfforge\HotFolder\Settings and distribute the settings as regfile and/or automatically apply them through a script.

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