Extract PDF in diferent pages

Dear all,

I´m generating my report using crystal reports and actually my report has 5 pages. The report comes from crystal report one file with 5 pages. I´m using PDFCreator to convert to PDF but it´s I want to do it extracting all pages. Basicaly if my report has 5 pages, I want to generator PDF extracting all pages.

Please, any idea how to do it using PDFCreator?

Thanks in advance,
Rafael Câmara

Dear Rafael,

I am not 100% sure if I understand your question correctly.
Would you like to create a separate PDF for each page (e.g. if the original document has 5 pages, it will get converted to 5 PDFs)? Or is it exactly the opposite, e.g you are getting 5 PDFs with 1 page each but would like to get a single PDF with 5 pages?

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Dear Robin,

Thanks for the replay, appreciated.

I´m generating a report that has 5 pages. When I converted to PDF then I have the same report, everything the same but in a PDF file, 5 pages of report in PDF format.

I would like to get 5 separated pages in diferent files. When generate the report and convert to pdf I would like to save files from original report that has 5 pages to 5 diferent files, like file1(page1), file2(page) etc…
My report generation don´t have this option to generate the report in diferent files, I want use PDFCreator to convert to PDF and do that.

Basicaly I want to extract all pages after convert to PDF.

Thanks for help,


Dear Rafael,

I am afraid there is no direct option for this in PDFCreator. If the software printing the report has the option for this, you could print the pages to PDFCreator separately.
PDF Architect provides a proper split function as part of its edit module: http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfarchitect/modules/edit

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