Extraneous lines around raster bounds

We are plotting from a product called Smallworld GIS. The plots are mixed vector and raster. We are getting random, extraneous lines at the bounds of the raster images. By random I mean that they appear in different locations (or not at all) on the bitmaps in the various plots, however, they consistently appead in the same location for a given plot. We have tried embedded bmp and jpeg with the same results. Sometimes moving the rasters around can get rid of the lines, but mostly they appear in another location. We have tried most everything we can as far as pdfcreator parameters to no avail. We have tried tweaking the source rasters to no avail. We have tried masking out the lines with white objects but that does no good, it appears that the lines are the last things rendered. In contrast we can send the same output to PDF Creator and save to JPEG or TIFF and there are no extraneous lines. Smallworld GIS has its own internal PDF generator and doesn't have this problem (but does have other issues which is why we use PDF Creator). This problem hase cropped up since we did an upgrade to Smallworld GIS so I suspect it is something that it is sending, but and when and why? Do you have any ideas what could be the problem or how to ■■■ into this deeper?



could you send us an example to support(at)pdfforge.org?