Fails to 'print' interactive PDF form that's been filled in

I’m using the latest version of PDFCreator (ver 1.50) and when I try to print a filled-in interactive PDF to PDFCreator a blank file gets created with the following error showing on page 2:

ERROR: undefined


please check out the PDF security to make sure, that printing from it is actually permitted.



I forgot to mention that I was able to print this PDF to a ‘regular’ printer without a problem.  I also checked the security properties and printing is allowed.


this is most likely a ghostscript problem, you could try to manually install a different ghostscript version. Does it happen for every interactive PDF?




I also have the same problem printing from Adobe Reader.  I have this problem with all dynamic pdf from Revenu Québec.  You can download one of the form at :

Click on the link “PDF (dynamique)”, this should give you a file called co-771(2012-03)dx.pdf (The one without the dx is the static version.  The bug is only with the dynamic version).

They all print ok on a normal printer.  This is really annoying because it required me to print on paper and scan.

Nice work around (in the world of Microsoft) :

Print to xps, open the xps and print to pdf.

This trick with XPS works… but only partially. After making PDF file from XPS (I must open it with IE 8.0) there is problem with fonts - some letters looks different after printing to PDF than before.

I made test using OKI printer manual (page 14):

Here is “output” (c.a. 800 kB):
Two files: XPS and PDF (password: test).

For me (Adobe Reader XI) it looks like letter “l” (small “L”) and dots are “changed” (displayed not correctly) .

All: In Windows, you should have a printer named Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Choose this printer to print the interactive PDF form. Once you see the document, print to PDF Creator. Works perfectly so far. Thanks, guillcote!

(I thought I had posted this several days ago, but didn’t see it when I revisited my topic, so I’m reposting it)

It does happen with several different interactive PDF files.

Actually, it appears to be a bug with Adobe Reader (I have latest v10.1.4).  When
I used Foxit Reader v5.4.3.0920 (latest version), I was able to print to PDFCreator successfully.