File "Any file Name" is not printable

Hi All,

I really like PDFCreator but if I don't find a solution to the issue below my boss is going to make me find and use something else.  Over the last 2 days I have been searching fruitlessly to find a solution. 

What is happening is using VB.Net 2008 through VS8 I was able to create a program that converts TIF files to PDF.  It works on my development PC and on one user PC that it was deployed to. 

On all the other PCs I have tried to install it either doesn't install or I get a runtime error "File xxx is not printable".  I think Interop.PDFCreator.dll is the problem and have tried several Click Once installs using different configs but nothing works.  It remains working on development PC & the 1 user PC.

Does anyone have ideas/solution?