File sizes

Hello everyone. I find PDFcreator a very fine tool, with one important exception: the resulting file sizes tend to be too large. An earlier version of the program that was running under 32-bit operating systems (Vista) was able to produce considerably smaller file sizes than the current version 1.2.2, which I now use under Vista 64-bit. I have tried all the options, setting compression rates to "maximum" (2.0) and activating resampling of pictures with a target resolution of only 100 dpi, with the general settings for PDFs down to 300 or even 150 dpi and the standard setting to "printer," "screen," or "e-book" rather than "standard" or "prepress" .... to no avail, typcial file sizes remain above 1 MB. 

I often use the program to create PDF versions of my own web pages, which typically contain several pictures and lots of text and tables. The aim is to offer the visitors of my site easy download and a stable and printable layout. Any hints how to minimize file sizes without losing a minimum of printing quality?

I will be grateful for all hints. Regards, Berni99

P.S. I would welcome a "professional" edition of this open software that would be able to produce considerably lower file sizes as well as to reproduce web links. It might cost a reasonable fee. Alternatively, can anyone recommend me a PDF maker that would, like PDFcreator, offer detailed setting options, including different profiles, but (unlike PDFcreator) produce smallest possible file sizes, for a price of no more than say, USD 50 or EUR 35?