Filename is being truncated

Hello. I recently downloaded the business version of PDFCreator and it is doing 99% of what I want it to do. However, one major issue I have is that the filename is being truncated.

For example, I am sending in this for the input filename:


The output filename that is auto saved looks like this:


Why is the 2nd part of my input filename truncated???


which folder is this going to? Does the total path length exceed 256 chars? I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue here.

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Input path. PowerNotes is a Hot Folder.

C:\External\Cloverleaf_TEST\PowerNotes\1234567899_08896696_030620181240_F_sTestCardC.rtf (89 characters)

Output path.

C:\External\Cloverleaf_TEST\TouchworksPDF\1234567899_08896696_030620181240_F_sTestCardC.pdf (92 character)

The filename is consistently chopped off at 31 character length minus the PDF extension and I tried a variety of things yesterday to test this out. If the filename was too short, it came out with an extra period in the filename before the .pdf extension.

Thanks for the feedback, are you using the latest PDFCreator 3.1.2?
I will test this again in combination with HotFolder if this is still present in the current release.

Yes, I purchased PDFCreator for Business. Version 3.1.2 Build 10841.

As a secondary issue, I did a test with a RTF document with multiple pictures and some text after the last picture. Turns out I can see everything up to the last text section. I believe the issue is the application the *rtf document is associated with. I am running PDFCreator on a Windows 2012 R2 server (VM). I have no MS Office products installed on this, so RTF files are being opened with WordPad. If I view the RTF directly in WordPad, the last portion of text is missing. If I open the RTF with Word, the text at the very bottom displays.

Is there a requirement to have something else other than WordPad associated with RTF files for viewing, so that the RTF can be interpreted properly?

I am attaching screen shots.


MS WORD 2016

I have confirmed with other "free" RTF to PDF Convertors that the RTF is properly formatted, as the all the data is present in the converted PDF. With your application, I am missing the text at the end.


PDFCreator will convert the data sent to the virtual printer, while other applications might directly convert the RTF to PDF.
It might help to install a different RTF viewer on the Server, which doesn’t have to be a Microsoft product, but it needs to be able to render/printer the RTF correctly.

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