Filename token with gmail's email date


I apologize in advance if this has been asked, I’ve searched and didn’t find.

Is it possible to add a filename token with gmail’s message date, instead of the printing date? For example, if I receive an email on the 1st and print it on the 2nd, the filename will become yyyy-mm-02, but I would rather want the token to apply yyyy-mm-01 (so it would need to have access to gmail data, I guess).

Thank you in advance.

Hi @pnteixeira,

that's an interesting questions and I don't think it has been asked before! :slight_smile:
I think it won't be easy to have PDFCreator access the email data (without any scripting) but we might give it a try.

Would you print the email from the web application or are you using a client (like Thunderbird)?

Hi @Florian,

Thank you for reply.
I'm printing the email from Chrome with PDFCreator printer.

Since it seems like a bit of work (thought I could be missing something), probably it is too much hassle.

I'm actually manually creating a folder first named with the date received (since I also need to save attachments, when received). It's probably easier then to save the PDF without the date (I still add an underscore so the email file come first in the folder).

I appreciate your help for letting me know there's no button to do it :slightly_smiling_face: