Files blocked in C: \\ Windows \\ Temp \\ 0 \\ PDFCreator \\ Spool


We create a second printer that uses a profile recording automatically in a pdf file.

Update from 1.5.0 in the file goes well in the print spooler but does not register in the directory ....

2 files are created in the folder C: \\ Windows \\ Temp \\ 0 \\ PDFCreator \\ Spool ( and 1.inf)

In C: \\ Windows \\ Temp \\ _pdfcmonLog.txt, the following message appears: "An attempt was made ​​to reference a token That does not exist"


Is there someone who can help us?? thanks


does it still work if you disable autosave and save manually?

Which Windows are you running?



Could you please also enable the “normal” logging (by menu or pressing F3 in the PDFCreator print monitor) and post it here as plain text? thx:)

The problem was solved by installing the version “server”
Thank you for interrested to our problem