Files Size Inflation (monstruous !) - Additional Details

I tested right now the performance of PdfCreator - 300 dpi on the very same web articles I already printed before. The size is now more than tenfolded : for instance, 178 bytes previously, now 2,100 bytes!! Terrifying! The change of version or 1.2.0 has no size effect at all (all things being equal - regarding the features). Pretty sure its something linked to Windows 7...

Help please. Thanks. Vincent


I encountered the same problem. File that prints in Windows 7/32 is 2 MB in size; the same file printed on Windows 7/64 is 57 MB in size.

Something very strange is happening for me on my 64 bit PC. Are you running Win7/64?


Hi Larry,

Right, I'm on Win7/64 like you!

Bingo! Sure, here is the snag.

I'm waiting desperately for a solution, I suppose you too.


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I just solved the file size bug with PdfCreator vs.Windows 7 64 bits!

Under Firefox 4, then under options/advanced/browsing/, I unchecked the "utiliser l'accélération graphique matérielle si disponible" - sorry, I don't have the exact translation, but I suppose you can find it easily...

Here is the official Mozilla source (in French too) :

Have no means to find the English equivalent...

The average size is now between 80 and 350 bytes for a normal web page...

Could you test this hint and tell me ?

Have a good day!


 Hi, I have the same problem with Google Chrome but don't see any possibility of changing settings the way you did in Firefox (which I also used until recently). (I also speak French, so that's not a problem either). Does anyone know how to alter Chrome.