Files Size Inflation (monstruous !)

Hi everybody! FYI : I already posted this message in the French forum part. My surroundings: Windows 7, 64 bits.

Working under a PdfCreator version 1.2.0 installed end January 2011, I was amazed (around the 23rd of March) to see the weight of my “newspapers cuttings” in .pdf climbing from 100/250 k to 2500/3500 k minimum for 2 pages!!! Ok, I’m no more using paper printings, so PdfCreator is a perfect solution when organizing archives for webmastering press reviews and so on... Accordingly, as I’m a “serious” user of PdfCreator – 10,000+ docs produced since August 2010, I’m of course reasonably equipped in terms of storage. Confronted to a possible extinction of my capacities in few weeks of use, I tried desperately to reduce the weight/size – from 600 dpi to 150, returned to the 8.71 version of Ghostscript, toggled maximum compression, to no avail. Eventually, I uninstalled the 1.2.0 version and reinstalled the one. This time I was submitted to the traditional “error: the folder is not available” or something with the same taste. I feel cornered. Ever heard about problems regarding weight inflation? What could you advise me? Thanks for your help. Have a good day. Kind regards. Vincent

 I think this is happening to me. Suddenly all the files I try to convert to PDF are huge and use up all my memory. Yesterday it all worked fine. I tried the newest version downloaded but that does it too. So I took it out and put the older version in. Still no luck. I am baffled. I have used PDF Creator for years.