Filesize problem

At first sorry for my very bad English!

I already create a 72page catalog in A5, CMYK, 300dpi

Now I have 72 PDF files from photoshop CS3 in Adobe Version 1.5. Now I want to combine this to one file. One file is 36MB in average. So in the end the file could have up to 2.5GB

My PDF Creator (updated today) runs with printing options 300dpi, CMYK, without compression, manual pagesize 431x607Pp without an error to the end, but the finished file has just 953kb and contains 72 empty pages.

when opening the file an error message popup "There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document. (109)".

Ich war auch schon auf Fehlersuche. In den temporären Dateien erstellt

I looked up for possible error sources. PDF creator make his temporary files in TEMP with up to 6GB short before finishing the printing action. But after that the file in destination folder is just 953kb like i described.

with 36 pages in two files it works but 72 files seems to be to much. I need all in one file for the printing.

I already enlaged the windows swap files up to 8Gb but it helps nothing.

Is there a file size restriction in PDF Creator or in PDF Standart 1.5?

Any ideas to solve my problem?

thanks for every help!.