First page of document is blank

Hello. I use PDFCREATOR to print reports to pdf, then email the reports.  Usually, PDFCREATOR prints to ADOBE READER, and I can view, make notes, edit, etc.

This morning, something went wrong.  The first page is BLANK, then all of the other pages are populated with data.  

I uninstalled PDFCREATOR, then downloaded and installed the newest version. NO IMPROVEMENT.

Then I uninstalled ADOBE READER, and installed the current version.  NO CHANGE.  First page is still blank.

Then I printed to my network printer, and the first page printed just fine.

Then I uninstalled ADOBE READER, and downloaded and installed SUMATRA free PDF READER.  I printed to pdf using PDFCREATOR, and the first page is STILL BLANK!

Any ideas?  Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,
Mark Jobe

When I print a test page, I see new 2 files are created in  



I can open and see ps file already. but When I save it to pdf with the pdfcreator interface, it becomes blank page.

I check the xxxx.inf file and found the there are spaces between each charaters, somthing llke this:

[ 1 ]  S e s s i o n I d = 1  W i n S t a t i o n = C o n s o l e  U s e r N a m e = u s e r ... 


[1]SessionId=1WinStation=Console UserName=user ......

if I remove the spaces before save it to pdf with the pdfcreator, it prints successfuly,