Folder rights

A very strange situation.

I executed the setup of 1.6. I had 1.5.1 already installed. The setup removed it. Then started to install new version. But failed with an error accessing the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\PDFCreator

So I wentinto that but I had not the read rights. Nor the administrator. I cant access that folder in any way! But WHY? 

Any idea? 

(Windows 8 Pro 64)

PS Sorry for my English


this is very odd, can you manually uninstall the old version (or do you get a permission denied error also)?

I managed rebooting Windows! For some reason rebooting deleted the folder.

So the setup worked recreating a new folder.

I really dont know what happened. The folder went in a strange “status” until the reboot.

Thanks for answering and sorry for the delay.