Font hinting

Perhaps I’m mis-interpretting what I’m seeing, but it seems that
PDFCreator is not including hinting information with its fonts. I say
this based on comparisons of the output of PDFCreator 1.7.1 and doPDF 7
(on WinXP with Firefox as the printing application).

a comparison can be seen here:

my eye the text is noticeably more difficult to read coming from
PDFCreator (lighter, less contrast, less consistency). The documents are
basically indistinguishable when printed, however . . . hence my
assumption that hinting is the source of the difference.

I prefer
the output from doPDF by a fair margin, but also prefer the options
& control afforded by PDFCreator. Is there any way to configure the
later to more closely mimic the text quality of the former?

What resolution are you printing each file with?

600 DPI for PDFCreator as reported in printing preferences > advanced > print quality

the doPDF printer does not specify


have you tried printing it with the high quality profile?