FORMS - How to limit amount of text able to be entered in a form field

I am a novice with forms but have created on that suits my purpose apart from being able to limit the amount of text which can be entered into a form field. If I keep typing, the text gets smaller throughout. How can I set the form field control to prevent text beyond the size of the box? I know there is a control in properties, I just don’t know how to set it. Many thanks, lms


first switch to edit mode, then right click onto the textfield you’d like to limit and select “Properties”.
This will open a panel with properties on the right hand of the screen, where you can set the “length Limit” by clicking on the small pen sympbol next to it.

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Thanks Robin - I’d reached that properties panel and was stuck on recognising that the adjustable value represented characters, which depend on font size. But all good now.

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