Free version questions

How do you save the file you created into .pdf on your computer?

The plus version is only $8.95? Why is that?

I am new to this program!!! :wink:

I never see anything that looks like it’s been turned into a .pdf file.

Also, are there any ads on the file you are printing - for example, an ad on the printed file, when a person looks at the file, etc.

I haven’t tried to print yet, but, I want to make sure I can save this .pdf file onto my computer so that I can save it.

Thanks so much!


PDFCreator uses a virtual printer to convert any printable document to PDF. The most stable and straightforward way of converting your document to PDF with PDFCreator, is to open it in your default application and to print it to the PDFCreator printer. PDFCreator will then automatically ask you where you’d like to save the file. There are however also a number of additional ways to create a PDF with PDFCreator:

There aren’t any ads on the file you are printing in any of the PDFCreator editions. Only the “Send by Email” action will optionally add a “created with PDFCreator” signature to the body of the mail itself (but never to the file itself).

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