Functions for header/footer

Page X of Y

I have a specific set of documents, that are spread over several pages and I need to add X of Y to every page.

In pdf architect, I am able to use header function. Specify exactly where I want it placed, but the function of “Page X of Y” I can not seem to find …

Also. I would like to save this particular setup, so when I need it, I am able to load it.

Does this already exist and I just have not figured it out or. Not available and if that is the case. Where to suggest such a option?

Thanks in advance


instead of the header function, please use the direct “page numbers” function which is also part of the insert module.
This has an option for “page 1 of n” which should be what you are looking for.

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I already tried that.

That function, I am unable to specify where on the page I want it and unable to add specific text.

Such a concept is not in the program?


it should be possible to specify the position of the page numbers (at least it is in the latest PDF Architect 5), but I am afraid custom text isn’t supported here, so there is no concept covering all aspects of your desired functionality.

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Could you direct me to the proper place, to suggest / put forward ideas for this software?

Thanks in advance.