G4 Fax encoding in PDF Creator 2.2.1 not working

Hi. I was excited to see that in the new version of PDF creator there is now an option to create TIFF images with G4 Fax encoding, however when I did a print using these settings it did not seem to work. I am still using PDF creator 1.7.3 because the G4 fax encoding works perfectly in that version. When I use version 1.7.3 and print as a TIFF image with the G4 fax encoding settings, I can look at the properties of the TIFF file and under the details tab it shows the compression type as “CCITT T.6”, however when I use PDF creator 2.2.1 it shows the compression type as “LZW”. Is there any way to get it to print using the older format from PDF creator 1.7.3? Thanks in advance for the help.   

Oh and by the way my operating system is Windows 7.


thanks for reporting this, I was able to reproduce this here and our developers will look into it.

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Our developers were able to find the problem and it should be fixed with one of the next updates.

Hi Robin,

Were the developers able to fix this? I’m running into the same issue - even though I’ve selected the CCITT compression PDFCreator still uses LZW. 

I looked in the logs and it looks like its still setting the sCompression to LZW. When I use Ghostscript directly I can use the same paramters but omit the -sCompression flag and it gives me the correct result. 

This is on 2.2.2 - is there anything else I should change? 



according to our Bugtracker it has been fixed for the upcoming release 2.3.0 which is scheduled for next monday.

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Wonderful! Thank you.