General Printer Error

I have used PDF Creator for years to convert Pagemaker files. (windows xp) This
afternoon, I downloaded the latest PDF Creator version. Now I can’t make PDFs. The
An error has occurred: General Printer Failure. Any chance I
can go back to the previous version, since it worked? Or is there a fix
for this? I have downloaded the new version 3 times. Nothing.

Thank you.

Uninstall you currently installed pdfcreator, keep the settings and reboot the computer, then try to install the new version. Download the installer from here:


normally windfire´s suggestion will solve the problem, if it doesn´t feel free to send us your setuplog.txt or post its content here.



Despite the fact that this exchange dates from 2013(!!), I'm gonna download and install PDFcreator again, seeing as the latest version of PDF Architect I just installed can't convert my PageMaker 7 PMD file to PDF!

Any other ideas from anyone?