Goodbye, and thank you for all the fish

I just updated PDFCreator Free from 3.5.1 to 4.1.0. After update, I saw an unexpected welcome page for the Adaware antivirus product.
I use this product since more or less 18 years and, even if I liked the minimalist interface of the first version, I still continued to use it because I know it quite well.
Since some years, the free version is paid with crapware that you must remember to unflag during installation. This is one of the reasons why I update other tools in my PC at least monthly, but yours just once a year or less: It's a frustrating process and the new features are not always worth the anxiety of finding some unwanted rat in your hdd.
Now, I don't know if I was sleeping or what, but this time I got this "gift". Well, whatever software gets on my computer, I want to be the one that decides it, right or wrong. Not you.
So, it's time to say goodbye: I didn't pay a penny for 18 years and your work deserves to be paid... by someone else obviously.
I wish you a bright future.
Best regards