HELP: does anyone knows how to make the smallest PDF file?

I’m having this issue for a while. Even in black&white, after scanning a single page document and saving it in PDF, I always end up with a file around 300-500 kb. If I lower the dpi I could get maybe 150-200 kb, but I received document with a size of 8-9 kb. Of course, PDFCreator is the main converter with its PDF printer.
Could anyone tell me how to reach such small dimensions? Do I need Acrobat PRO/distiller? I already used the “small size” option when printing the document with PDFCreator.
Could it be an issue with character types?
Thank you for any advice and sorry for any mistake in this post (english is not my mother tongue).


this strongly depends on the nature of the image and the desired quality. For a page scanned without OCR, the main goal is to ensure the resulting image is really black&white (binary) and not greyscale, which should reduce the total file size to about 1/8 of an potential greyscale image. If your scanner doesn’t offer an option for this directly, you can convert the scanned file to a binary .tif image with PDFCreator. If there is OCR and you have “real” text change it to one of the fonts included in the PDF definition (Courier, Helvetica, Times New Roman) so that it doesn’t need to get embedded into the document.

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