HELP PLEASE! - COnverting RTF to PDF

Hi there,

does anyone know of some software that can convert rtf to pdf. My files are somewhat complex invoices with headers and footers and graphics. I've downloaded a couple of free things from the web but they just don't work and in particular seem to ignore the headers and footers.

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if MS Word does show the file correctly, I would recommend to print the file to PDFCreator using MS Word. You can also automate this with scripting, which allows you to converted the files without user interaction.

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Thanks Philip,

PDFcreator does indeed create an accurate pdf from these rtf files. The scripting sounds good - can you point me in the right direction about this, i know nothing about scripting alas.

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you can find a script MSOffice2PDF.vbs here:

You have to edit the file, search for the lines containing docx and extend them for rtf.

Good luck