I installed the PDFCreator 1.0.2 and am trying to configure more than one network PDF printer.

I added two printers (PRT1_PDF PRT2_PDF) with two differente profiles (Profile_1 e Profile_2).

These profiles contain two different physical network printers

So I printed a test page on the printer PRT1_PDF

but the output is sent to the physical printer that

is not the default printer associated with PRT1_PDF

Could Someone plese help me ?

Thanks in advanced




I've tested it and it works here without any problems. Please check your configuration again.

Hi Frank


and thanks for your quick reply.


Here enclosed you can find more detail about how we setup the PDFCreator.


The Operating System of our PC is Windows XP Professional Service Pack3


On that PC we have installed and configured two different physical network printer :




So, we have installed PDFCreator 1.0.2 (PDFCreator-1_0_2_setup.exe)


The Type of Installation chooses was “Server Installation”, in order to allow computers


to create PDF-file e direct print this file on two different network printer


Moreover, we have setup two different profile: “Profile1”  e  “Profile2”


For each one we have selected  “Auto-save option”, in Print settings checked “Print after saving” and specify the physical network printer.


As I mentioned we have associated a different printer for each profile


So we have setup two additional PDF Printer : PRT1_PDF and PRT2_PDF


and we have linked at these printer the two different Option Profile.


Do you have any suggestion about some additional settings that we can check?


Thanks a lot




An example of the problem we have is this:

I made further tests:

I printed a document. Txt on PRT1_PDF

The system saves the PDF file, but when he throws the process print I get a window that requires me to select the physical printer.

I think the problem is being able to set the default profile of the physical printer and make sure that the system uses it without any user confirmation


Hi Windfire
and thanks for your suggestion!
Read the help file is the first thing we did
I confirm that we have configured
the PDCreator respect to these statements, but we have not solved the problem.

You can read the PDFCreator's help file PDFCreator_english.chm.



Ciao Frank and All staff

I represent a company and I need understand as fast as possile if I can use your product in my organization.

Maybe this is an unusual request but I know time is money so...

do you provide a consulting service on PDFCreator product?

Let me know,

Thanks Cristian