Hide File extension from <OutputFilenames>

Is there any way to hide the file name extension when using OutputFilenames or is there a way to do this by creating a Custom Token? For example it displays the entire filename like PO#1234.pdf I would like it to just display PO#1234


PDFCreator should automatically delete unneeded file extensions to prevent files like Document.pdf.pdf. If you wish to hide the file extensions in the windows explorer you can do that in the explorer settings.

Maybe I should have stated how i am using the OutputFilenames token. I am using it for the email subject line and would like it to only show the actual filename without the .pdf. The report I am converting is from an auto generated report using crystal reports so I can't use the title field as it just comes up with Crystal Reports and have no way of editing the report meta data.


you could try using the <OutputFilenames> token inside the metadata->title field and then using the <title> token for the email subject line; this should remove the filename extension as it goes through the title replacement filter. Not 100% sure this will work.

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Hi, I have this problem as well, and what Robin suggests did not work for me. Is there a way to ouput the file name without the extension in the email subject line?