HotFolder create file error

When I try to create PDFs with HotFolder the following error is reported:

There was an error while starting PDFCreator:
The default printer needs to be set in order to print this file
System.InvalidOperationException: The default printer needs to be set in order to print this file
  at pdfforge.PDFCreator.PrintFile.PrintCommand.Print(TimeSpan process Timeout)
  at pdfforge.PDFCreator.PrintFile.PrintCommandGroup.PrintAll(TimeSpan Process Timeout)
  at pdfforge.PDFCreator.Assistants.PrintFileAssistant.PrintAll()
  at pdfforge.PDFCreator.Startup.PrintFileStart.Run()
  at pdfforge.PDFCreator.App.App_OnStartup(Object sender, StartupEventArgs e)

I have tried searching on various parts of this but have been unable to find anything concrete to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help.


what is your default printer and does this happen for any type of file or only for a specific fily type?

best regards

Hello, (the same) error occurs when converting any graphic file (jpg, png, bmp etc.) through
the HotFolder-automatism.
Seems, that the application is not able to generate the temporary (profiled) printer when opening the file with the associated viewer in background - in order to print it to pdf. (regardless which one - XNView or Irfanview or MSPicture viewer …)

Office and PlainText-Files work fine so far. You can see the temporary creation/deletion of the printer in the “printer and devices”-window of the OS while “printing” …

Opening the “Auto-Save Location” in the" HotFolder General Settings"-Tab, causes the HotFolder-Application to crash. This seems to be a bad bug.

I tried this on a PC with Windows7 64Bit Enterprise and Windows 8.1 64Bit Enterprise OS. So there is no correlation with the different OSes.

Any idea how to get this fixed?

Thank you in Advance for your Efforts,


P.S. It is the latest version - de/re-installation did not help at all


I wasn’t able to reproduce this here, how do your settings for the associated PDFCreator printer and profile look like? There shouldn’t be any need to generate a temporary printer, do you mean temporarily setting the selected printer as default?

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