How can we change the temppath?


In an attempt to work around the problem with the tempfolder (save in tempfolder “x” en look in temp folder “y”) we wanted to change the temppath. We tried in in the registry, but everything we tried didn’t work. Is there any way we can change it?

We use pdf creator 1.6.1

Kind regards,
Johan Roosien


at the moment it is not possible to change the temp path only for PDFCreator, you can have a look at your system properties->advanced->Enviroment variables and make sure it does not have %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEDIR%, if it does replace this with %USERPROFILE% .




The variables are correct, they are %userprofile%. We still have the problem that the .ps file is dropped in temp\"x" and pdf creator wants to have the .ps file in temp\"y".


Johan Roosien

With the installation of 1.6.2. our problems were solved.