How can we get a refund of PDFCreator Terminal Server


I have written to your company several times and this includes the licensing dept. as I am trying to understand how we can get a refund for this product. After much testing and using this product it does not work as advertised and will not allow them to grow their business. It is not stable enough for us to use and I have to keep going through the log files amd doing analysis of the modules to determine what is missing from the conversion of PDF to JPG. I am doing way to much extra work, when I have a purchased product that should be able to handle this easily!
Again, I am trying a different way to see if someone will follow up with me so we can get a refund. This is also why, not communicating with your customers. We purchased this product and now when I write to support, licensing, etc. I am not getting anyone to follow up with me. Can someone plz follow up with me on this? Thanx in advance.



Hi Jerry,

We are sorry for not having been able to answer earlier.

As we were already in contact with you by email we have replied to your request by email.

As for the technical part Robin suggested to use the COM interface of PDFCreator instead of HotFolder with VBA. HotFolder does not seem to fit to your business case / workflow. This is why we offer free trial license keys to our business clients.

Kind regards


I got the email. AT this point we just wish to move forward with the refund! We will remove the product from our systems when you let me know how this needs to be done. Thanx in advance.



We received your emails this afternoon and will get in touch with the licensing team tomorrow in order to send you an answer. Please keep in mind that we're located in Germany and that most people in our team are working in the usual business hours (time zone and comparison).