How do I associate .ps files with PDFCreator

As the title of the topic suggests, I am trying to convert a postscript file into a pdf file using PDFCreator, the problem is that I can’t get PDFCreator to recognize the postscript file so that I can print it to pdf. I’ve read that the installation process once had an option to associate postscript files with PDFCreator, but I didn’t see it while I installed it. I also tried using PDF Architect with a free license but it too did not recognize postscript files when I attempted to create a pdf. I need this for school, so I’ll be bumping this.


it should be possible to drag&drop the ps file onto any PDFCreaor Window.
There is no option to associate PDFCreator with .ps files anymore, but you could manually do this in the Windows registry, the command to convert the .ps files with PDFCreator is pdfcreator.exe /PsFile=“C:\”

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Robin how do I make the change in the windows registry?
do I add a key? or change an existing value to a key? and which key?

Could you also tell me if its possible to save a PDF file as a postscript file?, I know that saving as postscript no longer is an option but, I know that you can grab the postscript file from the temp folder as a workaround, but how do I do that for a pdf file?

How do I open the command line for PDFCreator? I can’t seem to find it.
Thanks for the information.