How do I create a PDF form with editable fields to fill in?

I downloaded PDFCreator on the recommendation of roobaroo:

It told me I could create fillable forms. Now that I have the program installed, I can't seem to find the options to make this happen. Is this actually possible with PDFCreator? Was I mislead?

Thanks for your time.


I have just posted a similar question here & hope to get an answer...

I see noone has replied to your post-why not?

Did you manage to get this fixed-if so I am grateful if you would let me know how.


I've never tried using PDFCreator for this - I found a program called FormMax that does a pretty creditable job of creating a fill-in form.  I created the original PDF with Gimp, saved it to a PDF with PFDConvert, added the fill-in fields, and then print the result to another file with PDFConvert (as well as printing out copies of the form with the data).

If you use the evaluation version, there's no charge and it works pretty well - as always, there's no way to save the file data from the form without additional software (PDFCreator or a database backend).


I am trying to creat a new document.  How do I do that?  Creat content does not have any options.