How do I get the invoice for my purchase?

Hello, I bought "PDF Architect 4 - Pacchetto PRO+OCR" and payed with credit card.
How can i get my invoice for accounting?

The purchase date is 2 agoust 2016
order n. U93E6P8A
mail mogan(at)

Thank you

M. G.


the invoices for PDF Architect purchases automatically get sent from, please check your inbox and spam folder for mails from that address. If you can’t locate the invoice, please contact the upclick support on

Best regards,


Hello Robin,
thanks for your reply.
Yes i got a message from upclick, with details of my purchase, but it can not be considered an “invoice”.
It does not contain details about the transaction:
nor the seller name, address and vat id;
nor the buyer name, address and vat id;
nor the invoice number.
Upclick “invoice” means nothing to my accounting service. I need something i can register in my accounting service.

Best regards
Marco G.