How do I keep the original filename when using the Autosave feature?

I had my pdfcreator all set up but for some reason got disconnect from a
mapped network drive.  I have since re-enabled the autosave to the
reconnected mapped drive but now pdfcreator wants me to create a custom
filename for the autosave function.   How do I keep the original

Original Filename:    my_original_filename.doc

pdfcreator states that I have to change the filename in order to use
the autosave feature.  I’ve NEVER had to do this before.  I cant figure it out.  I even tried leaving everything blank but this just prints a pdf document with NO filename… Its seriously blank…

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I have the same question, and I’m seeing on other threads that this may not be possible?  I’m simply looking for a way to use the autosave feature in PDFcreator, so that when a file is dropped into the hotfolder, the name of that file is used as the name of the output PDF file … ex.  filename.jpg --> filename.pdf

Is there a way to set this up without a save dialogue box that requires user input?


this very much depends on how your file name substitutions are configured and what information the printing application includes in the print job. Usually using the token for the filename does the trick.

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Didn’t you indicate that this was an issue with GhostScript that if the filename is too long, then the PDF won’t generate at all. Therefore, you truncate the filename?

Can’t you store the input filename, run the conversion through GhostScript and then rename the file after the conversion? Trying to figure out why you need to truncate at all?