How do I remove the 0.9.9 toolbar v 1.1.2 from installations

I have tried deploying pdfcreator from a script without having the browser tool bar deployed as that causes absolute havoc on the browsing of our users. (basically we have some websites that do return 404 during normal usage. And when they do and the browserbar is installed, then the users get taken to inappropriate places and they blame the websites, when it is actually the browserbar in their own browser, that is messing their workflow up.

To that end I have captured the installation info into an inf file by using the "/SAVEINF" switch on the installer on a manual install. I installed de-selecting the browserbar and the browser integration.  And did not have the browserbar installed when I checked.

But when I then installed using the "/LOADINF" parameter reading in the newly created inf file and I now find that the workstations do have the newest browser toolbar v 1.1.2 installed. How and why did this happen?

How do I go about installing it, so that this browserbar does not get installed?

My setup.inf looks as as follows:



Dir=C:\\Program Files\\PDFCreator











And also is there a 'cmd line' or scripted way to un-install the latest browser toolbar that is already deployed?

Any hints or suggestions? Thanks in advance.