How do i sign a pdf file with a pfx file that has no password?

i would like to generate a encrypted and signed file without any user interaction.


this is what i have been trying : 

keep the password blank for security and I have created a self signed cerificate and generated a pfx file from that without any password ie the password is enter.


pdfcreator will prompt for password in security feild and pdfcreator will not allow me to sign a pdf file with a empty password.

how do i generate the files automatically ?

1. it should ask the where to save the filename  & directory

2. without any prompts it should encrypt the file from some saved directory

3. without any prompts it should sign the file using the specified pfx file



i have the same problem too : 

can we make a configurable option that can save passwords for making pdf files ?

that way the pdf files can be generated automatically.


i am making new threads in the pdfcreator suggestions forums about these featuers.

any one know how do i make this happen ?



using signatures + encrcyption at the same time doesn´t work at the moment (bug).

I don´t know how to set the password for signatures automatically, but you can set a default password for PDF encryption in the hidden settings (see manual for more detailed information ) .