How does user licensing work for the terminal server version of PDF Architect


I have just installed the terminal server version of PDF Architect (installer is PDF_Architect_TS_Installer_4.0.29.25612.exe).

I have acquired two user license keys, (pdf Architect Professional Volume Licensing keys) which I have not yet activated, because I do not yet understand the details of how multi-user licensing works on a terminal server.

My question is this: Do license keys attach to specific users on a terminal server, or are they first-come-first-served, so that any two users can use all of the licensed features at one time?



they are concurrent licenses and not tied to individual user accounts; the amount of licenses only limits how many users can access PDF Archtiect at the same time.

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Is this still the current Licensing method in use, for PDF Architect on terminal/citrix servers? I currently have more than 25 users on the server, but only 4 or 5 may be using the software at the same time. So I assume, I'd only need a 5 user, volume license? Please advise.



there are now 2 options, a (perpetual) volume license key, or a plan (subscription) for 5 users.
In both cases you will a 5 user license, for more details please contact support(at)

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