How fully close pdfarchitect, even from the Task Manger?

how fully close pdfarchitect, even from the Task Manger?

I don't use pdf files enough to let PDFArchitect to stay running in background and use up resources. But when i close pdfarchitect, parts are still active in Task Manager. How do I fully close PDFArchitect without having to go into Task Manager to kill the modules?


in Options -> General you're able to deactivate the option "Hibernate on Close for Fast Launch", that should shut down most processes. :slight_smile:

Deactivating the Notification System and Update Notification might not hurt as well but make sure to look for new updates manually from time to time.

thank you Florian, that did shut down most processes (and solved a problem i had but was in another post).

I still see 3 processes in Task Manager, and the only way i see to remove them is to Delete them in Task Manager.

Why did the developers decide to leave these running?

You're welcome.

I'm not 100% sure but from what I know:

  • the PDF Architect 6 Creator Process/Service is needed for the PDF Architect printer. (If you use PDFCreator and therefore not need the PDF Architect printer you can deactivate the service.)
  • The update service is needed to look for new updates. Apart from not being able to update PDF Architect, I didn't face any special troubles after deactivating the service. Set it's start type to "manual" if it's really bothering you.
  • The PDF Architect 6 service is needed to start and use the application. Don't deactivate the PDF Architect 6 service. I cannot tell why they don't shut down the service after closing PDF Architect but I can ask them if you really wish to know. :slight_smile:


Please tell developers to make a simple and Complete termination of all processes. The current Hibernation option is good - maybe a second option for Complete Shut Down.

I don't use pdf's often enough (like 1 or 2 times a month) to have any PDF Architect process stay active and thereby use my limited Memory resources.

Thank you.

PS, i did buy the $49 Professional version.

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