How long support responds to emails?

Good day! I purchased the license for PDF Architect 4. First I activated the license on one computer. But then I had to move to another computer. On the first computer I uninstalled PDF Architect 4. Now when I try to activate the software on the new computer there is the activation error. I send a mail with my PDF Architect 4 license key to support(at) that you can reset the activations. But there is not any answer from you for a week. How long is the processing? When will I receive the result?

sincerely, Nina Kupareva

Hi Nina,

during weekdays you should usually receive an answer within 24 hours, but it can take longer if there are a lot of requests in a short time. I can’t see any requests from you in our support inbox, which mail address did you send the request from? Perhaps there was a problem with one of the mailservers and the mail never reached us. Please try resending the mail or alternatively send me a pm and I will send you a replacement key right away.

Best regards,