How open just printed PDF file with another pdf viewer (not PDF Architect)?

I installed the latest PDFcreator v3.1.1 on 64bit Win 7 (over existing old v3.1.0)

During installation I disabled installation of PDF architect.
I simply want the pdf printer part…

After restart of Firefox I printed as sample the Google Landing page.
The actual printing and creation of pdf file works.

However I enabled in PDFcreator settings the option

Profiles—>Save—>Open file after saving

The checkbox below left of “Use PDF Architect for PDF files” is empty since I want to use another pdf viewer.

Much to my surprise after printing this external pdf viewer (e.g. pdfxchange viewer or Foxit) is NOT called.
Instead PDFcreator tells me seomthing like “Cannot open pdf file since no prgm is associated with it”.

That’s wrong!

If I double click on a *.pdf file in WinExplorer then this Viewer IS called and the clicked PDF file is SHOWN.

So this is a bug in PDFcreator. It seems to me that the PDFcreator is not tested with other viewers rather than PDF architect.

Can someone confirm this?

Is there a workaround for this bug?


Hi Peter,

we did test it with multiple viewers, all work fine on the test systems. The issue is that Microsoft has made undocumented changes to the way the defaults are handled, which basically makes it extremely complicated to get this right for all Windows versions above 7. We have made multiple changes to this and every time an issue for one of the Windows versions was fixed, it broke in one of the other versions. Currently, it might be required to set the default from within the printing application, if possible. This will actually modify different parts of the registry than changing the default through the Windows control panel. I know Adobe Reader DC has this in it’s general settings but I think it is a pretty standard option and will exist in most PDF viewers. For PDFCreator 3.2.0 we will add an option to select your apps for PDFCreator manually.

Best regards