How to Add a PDFPrinter thru COM dlls?


I have downloaded and installed PDFCreator 1.3.2.

I am deeveloping a .Net application which require to install a virtual printer on client's system. When user prints an document using this virtual printer the file needs to be saved as pdf at User's desktop.

I have coded the whole program. But while calling [_PDFCreator.cAddPDFCreatorPrinter("MyPrinter","Default")] method, I am getting [_PDFCreator.cError-with description 'The printer 'MyPrinter' is not installed'].

Please guid me if I am missing any API to call before calling this one.

Waiting for the responce,

Thanks in advance for the help.


I am getting this error.. :

PDFCreator - Printers
An error is occured!


Error [15]: The printer 'NewPDFCreator' is not installed!

How can I solve this?