How to Assemble Tri Fold Wedding Invitations eHow


How to Assemble Tri Fold Wedding Invitations eHow

Problems: Moderately Easy Instructions Items You’ll need: Invitation Ribbon Glue Hole punch Sticker 1

Fold the exterior of invitation into 3 equal parts wedding invitation, a similar way you’d probably fold an expert letter. Every portion must be equal in length.


Site the narrow a part of the invitation that incorporates wording concerning the wedding ceremony while in the middle on the tri-fold. This may be the center of one’s invitation.


Punch two holes to the two pieces of paper utilizing a hole punch. The holes will need to be centered and 1 inch apart from one another.


Turn the invitation around and weave the ribbon by means of one particular aspect on the invitation. Continue weaving by the other side. This will likely attach the two pieces of paper incorporated inside the invitation together.


Location a smaller drop of glue behind the ribbon to maintain it in put.


Near the invitation, and run a smooth object through the creases with the fold.


Area a sticker on the outdoors in the invitation. This will likely assist the invitation keep flat and continue to keep it closed right until opened.

Strategies & Warnings According to Events Adviser, you can mail tri-fold invitations with or without an envelope. If you are going to mail your invitations without envelopes, address them properly wedding invitations, and have them sized and weighed at the post office to make sure you include proper postage to ensure delivery. References Events Adviser: Invitation Design Miracles Etc: Types of Invitations Today’s Weddings: Invitations Who Can Assistance Sponsored Qualified, prescreened wedding ceremony photographers for your event. Find a single now. Get an expert wedding invits, prescreened videographer for your wedding or event.