How to assembly multiples pdf together

I would like to know how to assembly multiple pdf created by pdf creator separately from printing an image in jpeg of a document. this document contains 3 pages in 3 photographs. I printed each page in pdf but I would like to assembly the pages together in one pdf document. How can I do that with PDF creator?


The easiest way to do that with PDFCreator is:

1.  When the dialog box pops up after printing the first PDF, click "Wait - Collect" instead of Save.  PDFCreator's main queue window will pop up with your first PDF job already displayed.

2.  Print your remaining PDFs; they will automatically show up as additional jobs in the PDFCreator queue.

3.  If you need to rearrange or delete PDFs before combining them, use the buttons at the top of the queue window.

4.  When you're ready, click the Combine All button (just left of the Save button); if there's a lot of data involved, you may need to wait till it finishes.  Then, click the Printer Stop button (a printer with a red light by it); the red light will turn green, you'll get the regular dialog box, and you can proceed from there.  (I suggest NOT using the Save button in the queue window; it saves the files but does NOT restart the stopped PDFCreator printer as the Printer Stop button does.)

5.  Last but not least, *MINIMIZE* the queue window back to the system tray.  (DO NOT close it, at least in Vista; that shuts down PDFCreator till you restart it.)

If you've trying to combine existing PDFs, the best way to do that is with another open-source tool, PDF Split & Merge, at .  Simple merges are part of the free basic version; if you wish, you can make a small donation ($1, €1, etc.) to get the enhanced version, or compile your own.  (I haven't because the basic version is enough for me.)

Don't try to print them to PDFCreator again from Adobe Reader; you'll get a single page with an error message.  Adobe does that intentionally to prevent Reader from being used with third-party PDF printers like PDFCreator; they'd MUCH rather you pay hundreds of dollars for Acrobat.